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In the face of escalating crime rates in Honolulu, especially in the realm of home invasions, homeowners are seeking reliable security solutions to protect their families and properties. A report from SafeWise reveals that property crimes in Hawaii have surged, with burglary rates surpassing the national average. As a result, Oahu residents are turning to trusted security companies like ZMANA to professionally install home alarm systems and provide peace of mind.


ZMANA is a reputable security company with a strong track record of designing and installing advanced home alarm systems. Serving the entire Oahu region, ZMANA has built a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional security services to residents. For a free estimate.

With Crime on the Rise in Honolulu, a Dependable Home Alarm System is More Crucial than Ever!


ZMANA’s professionally installed alarm systems offer a multitude of advantages, including:


  • Professional Installation
  • ZMANA’s expert technicians guarantee the proper and efficient installation of your home alarm system, ensuring optimal performance and dependability.

  • Customized Solutions: ZMANA provides a comprehensive range of security options, allowing homeowners to select a system that best addresses their individual needs. From essential alarm systems to cutting-edge smart home integration, ZMANA tailors its services to deliver total home protection.

  • Constant Monitoring: All of ZMANA’s home alarm systems include 24/7 monitoring, ensuring your property remains secure at all times. In the event of a break-in, the monitoring center will promptly notify the appropriate authorities.

  • Intuitive Interface: ZMANA designs its home alarm systems with user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible and easy to use for homeowners.

  • Cost Efficiency: Investing in a professionally installed alarm system from ZMANA can ultimately save you money by preventing expensive property losses due to theft or vandalism.

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    ZMANA – Oahu’s Premier Provider for home alarm systems.

    As Oahu’s premier provider of expertly installed alarm systems, ZMANA is committed to helping residents shield their homes and loved ones from the burgeoning crime rates in Honolulu. Their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction has positioned them as the top choice for security solutions throughout the island.

    In summary, the growing crime rates in Honolulu underscore the importance of securing a reliable home alarm system. ZMANA’s expertly installed alarm systems offer comprehensive defense against break-ins, promoting the safety and security of your family and belongings. With professional installation, an intuitive interface, and 24/7 monitoring, ZMANA’s home alarm systems deliver the peace of mind every homeowner deserves. To request an estimate or learn more about their services, contact us.