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Hoopili Innovation and Technology Scholarship

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We are proud to announce ZMANA has successfully started a 501c3 Foundation. Aimed at helping the youth of the island of oahu. 


Goals of the foundation:


Our goal is to strengthen the community of Oahu and to create and facilitate GRIT in our youth. We will be creating a scholarship focused on the new development and community of Hoopili. The scholarship will be called HITS: “Hoopili Innovation and Technology Scholarship”. At UH West Oahu.


‘We also are looking to improve the lives of children that have been negatively affected from parents or family members who were injured or killed in active-duty military or law enforcement. We also will be working to build GRIT though assistance in youth sports, environmental cleanup, and mentorships.  We want Oahu’s youth to develop more Grit for their success in life. 


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Grit With Aloha Wants To Help

Our goal is to give kids shot at going to college, and being introduces to technology as a career. At University of West Oahu.