Cameras: Installed indoor and outdoor that record based on motion, events such as a door opening or an alarm being triggered, or 24/7. Always have the ability to look in at a live view of any of your cameras from wherever you are with your smart phone.

Locks: Stop worrying about keys! With our lock control, you can manage codes for restricted access, lock or unlock your doors from anywhere on your smart phone, and never lose your keys again! With the ability to create user codes with ease you can ensure that people have access to your home only when you allow, and deleting a code is as easy as clicking a button.

Sensors: With discrete sensors on all doors and windows you will always be in the know of when and what perimeter door or window has opened. And when the alarm is set, they will detect a breach of entry and dispatch authorities.

Lights: With light control, you are able to create “scenes” that make it appear as though you are home, even when you aren’t.

No. Most installations can be done in one day. Our expert installers use the least intrusive installation techniques while minimizing dust and attempting to hide any wires in order to make the cleanest looking install to keep your home looking great!

ZMANA prides itself on using the best products in the industry. We will work with you to see if there are integration opportunities to get your existing security system or devices online, on the same application, and managed from your smart phone.

Many false alarms are due to the equipment not being installed correctly and home owners not fully understanding how to operate their system. The best way to decrease or eliminate false alarms, is to have your system professionally installed. ZMANA’s installers have been in the industry for over a decade and use that industry knowledge to build systems to increase security and decrease false alarms. We also spend a considerable amount of time to train you and your family on how to use the system, so you use the system to its full potential, as well as limit false alarms.

Z Wave is the technology in which our wireless devices talk to the main panel. Z Wave is a very specific radio frequency that devices use to communicate to one another, much like Bluetooth. Z Wave is the industry standard encrypted protocol that our wireless systems use. Z Wave is very secure because it requires two-way communication between devices. This means that one device will send an encrypted signal, the panel receives the signal, and then sends an encrypted acknowledgment that it received the signal, and then finally the original devices send an encrypted signal back; this eliminates “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

We provide solutions that fit your individual needs, instead of only offering cookie-cutter packages. 

During your free consultation, we evaluate your goals and offer suggestions of what equipment we can install to meet your goals. The solutions we offer are scalable up or down. So if you need to add another camera later, we can easily add it onto your system.

We do offer security solutions for businesses. And if you have more than one account, we have an app that connects all of them in one place, with one login. We make it easy to control all your systems in one place.

Yes! We are a team of professionals that have lived in Hawaii for over 15 years. We understand the culture and the way of life. 

That is why protecting your most valuable is important to us. We are an Ohana and we take care of each other.

When you call us, you get us. Not a mainland company who is out of touch.

Technical or not, we train all of our customers how to use their system and spend time making sure it is easy for them to use.

Our monthly payments include:

  • Access to manage, view and configure all of your devices from our backend software from your computer, tablet, or smart phone with unlimited users.
  • 24/7 monitoring. If an alarm is triggered you will receive a call from us to see if everything is ok or if you would like us to dispatch authorities. If we cannot get ahold of you we will dispatch authorities to physically ensure your safety and the safety of your property.
  • Hassle Free Service. We stand by our systems, so if anything goes wrong with your system while you are under contract with us, we will come and fix the problem for free.

We pride ourselves on our service. If you ever have questions about your system, or just want another training to better understand your system, we are happy to help. Service is our cornerstone, and once you are apart of the ZMANA ‘ohana, we truly try to exceed your service expectations on every interaction.

Although DIY systems are convenient and popular, they aren’t customize for your exact needs. 

Here’s our top reasons why ZMANA out performs any DIY system:

– Professional Installation. You don’t need to worry about setting it up correctly to protect your family or business.

– All our products integrate and can be controlled from 1 app. 1 Login for everything. No more devices operating autonomously with multiple accounts.

– Maintenance. If something breaks or isn’t working right, contact ZMANA and we will offer free support with a solution.

– We are local. You have an issue or concern, contact ZMANA, an (808) number, to speak with us directly.